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Installation And Sales

We will match all prices on most major models and brands. (This is total price including delivery).

When looking at replacing appliances you find that over the years the sizing has become a lot smaller especially for oven and cooktops.

WYZ is very experienced in performing the necessary carpentry/re sizing work and we have a full range of options available to deal with the resultant spaces that may be evident.

We often utilise panels or s/steel strips and frames and custom built fascias.

WYZ are able to visit your property and measure and advise you of your options. (The Service call charge is applicable but will be deducted of any completed install.)

Installation Prices

Please note that install cost do not include any additional parts required to complete install. You will be advised of this prior to proceeding.

Electric Oven
Gas Oven

Carpentry work may be required to complete install where oven is of different sizing to existing. Generally charges here are $50 - $100.

Where a resultant gap is left there is the following options available:
White Panel cover board
Cover board to match existing cabinetry (as close as possible)
Stainless Steel cover

At times to complete install the existing facia needs to be resized or replaced with new. All work here will need to be quoted.
Costs range from:
Facia infill
Replace facia (to match as closely as possible)

Electric Cooktop
Gas Cooktop

When replacing older larger sized cooktops (for non stone benches) infilling will be required. Cost is $50.00.

At times (for non stone benches) bench top will need to be cut. Cost is $50.00.
There is option of covering any resultant exposed work with:
Stainless Steel Strips
Full stainless steel surround trim
Laser cut full stainless steel trim
Stone Bench Top Cut

Electric Stove
Gas Stove

Fixed Rangehood
Slide Out Rangehood
Slide Out Rangehood with carpentry work

Canopy Rangehood – Simple Install
(does not include ducting or any patch/paint of ceiling)

All other work quoted.

Dishwasher (Freestanding/Built Under)

Integrated Dishwasher
(Includes removal of panel from old and install on new)
Dishdrawers – Single/Double

NB: Freestanding/built under dishwashers are designed to fit within the cavity under the bench. There may be differences in appearance due to design variations between different makes/models, and to design of flooring and bench top. e.g. wooden floors, tile floors, thickness of bench top.

Dryer – Install onto solid wall
Dryer – Install onto gyprock wall

(Includes supply and install of trimmed white board attached to studs on which dryer is installed)

Please Note:
For larger heavy appliances or where access is difficult and a second man is required will increase the install charge by $88.

All prices quoted include GST.

Please Consider:

Installing of new appliances can be a standard replacement with no sizing issues. Where there are sizing issues WYZ is able to solve these with a number of options available as demonstrated above.

If you are unsure we are happy to visit your property and advise you of what is required and what your options are. A $70 Service Fee is applicable but this will be deducted off any of the above install charges if you proceed.